Security of Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Security has never been more important

Critical Infrastructure Security has never been more important

The Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure Protection) Act 2022 (SLACIP Act) amends the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 (the SOCI Act) to build upon the existing framework and uplift the security and resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure.

The following critical infrastructure sectors and asset classes are captured under the SOCI Act.

You may have obligations if you own or operate assets in the sectors and asset classes below:

  • Communications
    • a critical telecommunications asset
    • a critical broadcasting asset
    • a critical domain name system
  • Data storage or processing (Data Centres)
  • Defence industry
    • a critical defence industry asset
  • Energy
    • a critical electricity asset
    • a critical gas asset
    • a critical energy market operator asset
    • a critical liquid fuel asset
  • Financial services and markets
    • a critical banking asset
    • a critical superannuation asset
    • a critical insurance asset
    • a critical financial market infrastructure asset
  • Food and grocery
    • a critical food and grocery asset
  • Health care and medical
    • a critical hospital
  • Higher education and research
    • a critical education asset
  • Space technology
  • Transport
    • a critical port
    • a critical freight infrastructure asset
    • a critical freight services asset
    • a critical public transport asset
    • a critical aviation asset
  • Water and sewerage
    • a critical water asset

On 17 February 2023 the Security of Critical Infrastructure (Critical infrastructure risk management program) Rules (LIN 23/006) 2023 (CIRMP Rules) became law.

This means that Australian Critical Infrastructure entities swept up in the legislation are now obligated to adopt a written CIRMP within the 6 month transition period.

An additional 12 months has been allowed to assist responsible entities achieve compliance with the cyber security framework identified in their written CIRMP.

Our experienced critical infrastructure and risk management specialists can assess your exposure to the change in legislation and assist you develop a program level response to any positive security obligations being imposed on your organisation.

Please get in touch with one of our SOCI specialists for a confidential discussion on all of your SOCI requirements.

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