Security Design

Protect your Investment

Protect your Investment

Whether it be for a new project or expansion of existing infrastructure, we can assist you with the design, documentation and delivery of complex, enterprise level security technology solutions aligned with international standards and best practice.

Our team has experience working in multi-disciplinary architectural and engineering design teams and can tailor our project delivery structure across multiple stages, or align ourselves with stages included within industry standards such as NATSPEC (AUS) RIBA (UK), ACE (Europe), NZCIC (NZ) and/or APM (Global).


Intruder detection

access control systems

video surveillance

perimeter intrusion

electric fences


Security Control Room

Our security design capability is tailored to strengthening deterrence, detection, delay and denial elements of a structured security program. We apply an intelligence, vulnerability, risk and compliance led approach to the application of systems, infrastructure, technology and equipment. We leverage our experience to ensure security measures are justified, scalable and proportionate to your risk exposure, and are compliant with relevant statutory requirements, codes and standards.

We have extensive experience in the design and documentation of complex security technology, including but not limited to:

  • Intruder detection and access control systems

  • Video surveillance systems

  • Perimeter intrusion detection systems

  • Electric fences

  • Intercom systems

  • Security Control Rooms



Fencing Systems

Vehicle/Pedestrian Barriers

Lighting Systems

Locking Systems

In addition to electronic security solutions, we also advise on physical security treatments such as CPTED, gates, fencing systems, lighting systems, vehicle and pedestrian barriers, locking systems and architectural (building) elements.

Underpinning all of the above is our ability to support your procurement processes and manage construction stakeholders throughout the implementation phase to ensure quality standards are met and project security outcomes are successfully embedded within your organisation.

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