Physical Security Penetration Testing

Protecting Your Assets, Safeguarding Your Reputation.

Protecting Your Assets, Safeguarding Your Reputation.

Physical security penetration testing (sometimes referred to as ‘Red Teaming’) is the practice of planning and executing different attack vectors against organisational assets for the purposes of identifying weaknesses, vulnerabilities and/or opportunities present in a site or facility Protective Security Program that could be exploited by differing threat actors.
The physical security penetration testing process should focus on measuring the effectiveness of security controls in real time, using the principles of ‘Security-in-Depth’ as a framework. Inverus Group has developed the following 5-tier methodology for which we have successfully used to penetration test complex and fully operational, critical infrastructure facilities:

  • Level 1 Desktop research and analysis
  • Level 2 Unauthorised access
  • Level 3 Infiltration
  • Level 4 Covert attack
  • Level 5 Forcible attack

Our methodology has been used to test complex and fully operational, critical infrastructure facilities and can be adapted to any type of asset or process.

Essentially, physical security penetration testing is an assurance function and should be led by individuals accountable for the security risk management outcome and delivered by appropriately skilled, experienced and licenced security practitioners.
Get in touch with our experienced team if you are considering planning a physical security penetration testing exercise for a confidential, no obligation discussion on your requirements.

  • Our 5-tier methodology can be adapted to any asset type or sector

  • Get real time data on the performance of your protective security program

  • Our team is made up of licenced, experienced security professionals well versed in the design and implementation of complex penetration testing exercises

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