Operational Resilience

Ensure Your Business is Always Ready to Face Any Challenge

Ensure Your Business is Always Ready to Face Any Challenge

When was the last time you stress tested your organisations response to a major security or disruption event?

Unfortunately, we now live in very turbulent times. Being resilient isn’t just about the tech, nor is it limited to preparation of a plan. The quality and commitment of your organisations senior management will significantly influence your organisations predisposition to failure during times of turbulence, shock or sudden change.

Your organisation needs to have capacity to adapt, change and stay relevant. If you are part of your organisations executive team, now is as good a time as any to complete a “health check” on your operational resilience posture, with a view towards reinforcing the importance of the people, processes, documentation and resources required to thrive in times of uncertainty.

In conjunction with our network of Operational Resilience specialists, we support business leaders, risk owners and risk managers mitigate their exposure to dynamic or unforeseen consequences through the provision of the following specialist professional services:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Business impact assessment
  • Emergency management plans
  • Business continuity plans
  • Crisis management plans
  • Training, exercising and testing
  • Communications planning
  • Recovery site planning and design

Now is as good as ever to reach out to one of our Operational Resilience specialists to find out how we can strengthen your resilience posture against unforeseen consequences and disruption related risk.

  • Our All-Hazard approach towards the development of procedures for managing emergencies is fully aligned with AS 3745:2010

  • For maximum assurance it is critical that your Response Plans are exercised and tested at least annually

  • Failure to invest in adequate Operational Resilience practices will leave your organisation vulnerable to high velocity, complex, dynamically unfolding disruption scenarios leading to extremely adverse, and possibly permanent consequences

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