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Welcome to Inverus Group

Inverus Group® is a trusted provider of security, risk management and resilience consultancy services, tailored to the needs of government and industry leading private sector corporations

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Your Success Is Our Success

We help our clients become more secure, compliant and resilient; enabling them to thrive in times of uncertainty and increased operational complexity

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Global Experience,
Local Knowledge

Our multidisciplinary team has practiced professionally across Australia, the UK, the Middle East, Mexico, China, South East Asia and Europe.

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Client Focused

We pride ourselves on focusing on what really matters to you. By carefully analysing your requirements we will develop a tailored value proposition and optimise the service delivery process across each stage of the engagement.

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Security | Risk Management | Resilience

Who we are

Inverus Group® is a trusted provider of security, risk management and resilience consultancy services, tailored to the needs of government and industry leading private sector corporations.

We are embedded in the Australian aviation, critical infrastructure, utilities, energy, resources and data centre industry sectors, with an expanding footprint in the Australian Defence industry sector. We combine our global experience and local knowledge to support the delivery of your project
requirements and business objectives.

We can assist you in mitigating security and disruption related risks, managing your compliance requirements, and in the delivery of high-end facility or infrastructure projects involving complex integrated security technology.

Our Services

Security Risk Management

Our proven, international standards-based security threat and risk assessments provide decision makers with contextualised, current state information on their security risk exposure, ensuring their investment in risk treatment is directed exactly where required

Security Design

Whether it be for a new project or expansion of existing infrastructure, we can assist you with the design, documentation and delivery of complex, enterprise level security technology solutions
aligned with international standards and best practice.

Security Advisory

Whether it be policy advice, OSINT, auditing, master planning, program structuring or training, move
forward with maximum assurance by engaging us to provide security advisory services.

Security Standards

We have been entrusted by critical infrastructure owners and peak industry associations to develop tailored security standards and guidelines.

Aviation Security

Our ICAO AVSEC PM qualified team will work with you to strengthen your aviation security program. We take a unified and coordinated approach to addressing compliance, governance, management, technology, operations, and human factors.

Penetration Testing

We have developed a 5-tier methodology for which we have successfully used to penetration test complex and fully operational, critical infrastructure facilities. This methodology can be adapted to
any type of asset or process. Find out how you can strengthen your assurance posture now.

Project Delivery

We specialise in scope definition, programming, contract documentation, tender phase management, construction supervision and independent verification services to ensure your project is delivered on time, within budget and to your expectations.

Security of Critical Infrastructure (SoCI)

Our experienced critical infrastructure and risk management specialists can assess your exposure to the change in legislation and assist you develop a program level response to any additional positive security obligations being imposed on your organisation. Find out how.

Operational Resilience

Minimise your exposure to disruption related risk. We support business leaders, risk owners and risk managers mitigate their exposure to dynamic or unforeseen consequences through the provision of specialist emergency management, business continuity, and crisis management services.

Recent Projects

Our dedicated, professional and friendly team of security, risk management and resilience professionals pride themselves on protecting what really matters to you

  • National Guideline

    February 27, 2023

    Inverus Group was engaged by Energy Networks Australia (ENA) to author ‘ENA DOC 015-2022 National Guidelines for the Protective Security of Electricity Networks’, available via SAI Global.

  • Event security planning

    February 27, 2023

    Inverus Group was engaged by a major oil and gas company to provide open source security intelligence (OSINT), threat monitoring, risk assessment and event security planning and documentation services to strengthen their ability to successfully deliver their 2019 and 2022 Annual General Meetings.

  • Airport Security Risk and Threat Assessment

    December 7, 2015

    Inverus Group was engaged as part of a multi-discipline professional services team to complete the threat and vulnerability assessment components of a security risk and explosive consequences assessment for a Cat 1 Australian airport.

  • Security Design and Technical Standards

    December 7, 2015

    Inverus Group developed a suite of design and technical standards for a major Australian Electrical Utilities industry participant which accounts for a large proportion of the national electricity grid.

  • Security Design and Delivery Phase Services

    December 7, 2015

    Inverus Group was engaged by an Australian Electrical Utilities industry participant to provide project management, design, tender phase and delivery phase services for a multimillion-dollar substation security upgrade which was staged over approximately 2 years from design to practical completion.

  • Tier 3 Data Centres

    June 23, 2015

    Inverus Group was engaged by a global communications consultancy to complete initial scoping, concept design and follow on tender and delivery phase support services for two multi-million-dollar Tier 3 data centre projects in Queensland, Australia.

thrive in times of uncertainty

Inverus Group was founded to support clients and projects through the provision of specialist security, risk management and resilience consultancy services.

We are proud to say that Inverus Group is a values driven organisation. We are committed to upholding our values of integrity, pragmatism and innovation.

Our approach to clients, people, partnerships, new opportunities and day-to-day decision making is always aligned with our core values.

Our Values

Our Clients Say

Technical Program Coordinator, Peak Industry Association

“Inverus Group helped us review and update one of the electricity industry security guidelines. They were one of the most professional and highly skilled consultants I have worked with. The team were very knowledgeable in the subject area, professional, managed to complete the project within the timeframe and produced a high-quality product.”

Critical Infrastructure Owner/Operator

“Inverus Group has consistently shown themselves to be a dynamic and strategic-thinking partner, with demonstrated knowledge of the PSPF (Protective Security Policy Framework), enabling the team to deliver holistic security programs and services. In a corporate environment, it is vital that inter-reliant processes and systems are complimentary in their application and outputs. We have been able to uplift our security risk management through Inverus Group’s risk advice, document creation, protective security project design, project management and baseline security guidance.”

Operations and Security Specialist, Data Centres

“I would like to sincerely thank Inverus Group for their outstanding service and commitment to our projects. Their team has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail that has exceeded our expectations. They have been proactive in identifying and addressing potential issues, and their timely communication and regular updates have kept us well-informed throughout the entire process. Furthermore, their dedication to delivering quality work and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction has been truly impressive. It has been a pleasure working with Inverus Group, and we look forward to collaborating with them on future projects. I highly recommend Inverus Group to anyone seeking a reliable and competent partner for their business needs.”

Risk GM, Energy Sector

“Inverus is a great source of support and advice in managing our security risks, particularly in providing us with timely and comprehensive analysis of the ever-changing threat environment.”

Key Updates

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